Analyzing Common Queries or Requests on

The "Common Queries" feature on provides businesses with valuable insights into the most frequent questions or topics users ask the AI Agent. This information is crucial for businesses to understand user concerns and make strategic decisions. Here's how to access and use the Common Queries section:

Step 1: Accessing the Common Queries Section

  • Log in to your account.

  • From the left menu, select "Common Queries" to enter the section.

Step 2: Reviewing Automatically Generated Queries

  • In the Common Queries section, you'll see a list of frequently asked questions or topics, automatically categorized based on user interactions.

  • Each conversation is linked to one of these common queries or topics.

Step 3: Gleaning Business Insights

  • By reviewing these queries, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of what users are most curious or concerned about.

  • This insight can guide various aspects of business strategy, such as improving user experience, refining UI/UX, or addressing product quality issues.

  • For example, a high frequency of UX/UI related questions might indicate a need for better user interface design, while queries about bugs could point towards investing more in product quality and testing.

Upcoming Enhancements

  • In future updates, plans to introduce filtering options for these topics, allowing for more targeted analysis of user interactions.

Regularly reviewing the Common Queries section is vital for businesses to stay connected with their user base and to understand prevalent concerns. This understanding can drive meaningful changes in your business strategy and operations. If you have any questions or need assistance with navigating this feature, our AI Agent is always ready to help.

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