Configuring the AI Agent on offers a range of skills that can be configured for the AI Agent to cater to specific needs of your business. Here’s how you can select and configure these skills:

Step 1: Accessing the AI Agent Page

  • Log in to your account.

  • From the left menu, navigate to the "AI Agent" page.

Step 2: Selecting the Desired Skill

  • On the "AI Agent" page, you’ll find options to select from three skills: General Assistance, Bug Troubleshooting, and Lead Qualification.

Skill Options:

General Assistance

  • Selecting this skill enables the AI Agent to generate answers based on the connected content.

  • Ideal for general queries and providing information.

Bug Troubleshooting

  • If you choose this skill, the AI Agent will not only answer questions but also troubleshoot bugs reported by users.

  • It will try to provide workarounds or automatically open a ticket for unresolved issues.

  • To enable automated ticket creation, a ticketing system (like HubSpot) must be connected.

  • When selecting 'Bug Troubleshooting', a panel will appear on the right-hand side showing the ticketing system name and a 'Connect' button.

  • Click 'Connect', and you will be redirected to the ticketing system's page for authorization.

  • Once connected, can create tickets automatically, streamlining the support process and reducing communication overhead.

Lead Qualification

  • Choosing this skill enables the AI Agent to qualify leads automatically while answering user queries.

  • It identifies potential leads and automatically sends an email with the collected information.

  • This skill is useful for simultaneously providing information and capturing leads.

Configuring the right skill for your AI Agent on can greatly enhance your customer interaction, streamline support processes, and optimize lead generation. If you have any questions about configuring the AI Agent or any of its skills, don’t hesitate to ask our AI Agent for assistance. Just use the widget on our website for quick and efficient support.

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